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Studio: Yummygirl
Scenes From Yummy HotWife
Sofie Does Anal BBC Style
Eddie Jaye , Sean Michaels
123 min of video
Legend Sean Michaels is Sofie Marie's anal trainer, and he has given her instructions for her first interracial, professional anal scene!  This full video includes before and after interviews which have Sean's prepping instructions and special tricks to aid in the giving and receiving of anal sex!   Sofie eventually takes all of Sean's 11 inch cock balls deep.  They start with slow gentle sensual kissing, pussy licking and lots of lube for penetration. Sofie take Sean in missionary, doggy, reverse cowgirl, and cowgirl.  As she gets into the sex, her orgasm train starts rolling,  She does her first Ass-to-mouth for Sean, and Sean finishes by dumping his cum deep into Sofie's pussy! Sofie Marie loves BBC and Eddie Jaye's hot body! She dressed up in super short shorts and woke up Eddie early on a Friday morning. Sofie hubby is traveling again and she was craving having all her holes filled! She and Eddie get right to business with some of Sofie's great oral skills and Eddie gives her a great fucking while they send cell phone videos to her hubby. She tells Eddie that she need his cock in her ass and he willingly obliges and he let loose his big load in her tight butthole! Sofie is Will's landlady, and he wants to have his bro Thrill, move in with him. Sofie is considering another boarder, so she agrees to interview the brothers in her bedroom! She pulls down their workout shorts and starts by sucking on their big black cocks, and then she wants to be fucked hard. She is enjoying the interview process and then she offers them the key to the BACK DOOR! She performs a thorough interview: Two BBCs, Anal sex, ATM, a cream pie and a facial.

Dishwasher Repair Gets Messy
Shaundam , Sofie Marie
216 Photos, 28 min of video
Sofie's dishwasher is on the fritz, and she calls for a repair man. When Shaundam shows up, Sofie knows she needs his BBC and his seed in her horny wet pussy. She takes of her panties and gives the repairman a show until he makes the move by putting his face in her wet snatch. Sofie returns the favor sucking on his BBC before he stretches her pussy with his big dick, until he fills her pussy full of his cum!

Hot wife Sofie Marie and legend Marcus London connect on line when Sofie's husband is out of town. She has a hall pass, as long as she sends her cuck hubby pictures of her fucking another man. Sofie and Marcus get naked fast and they get to work licking, squirting, sucking, and fucking each other silly! They have an obvious connection with each other, and the action is super hot! You get to see the actual videos they send to Sofie's husband! Marcus finishes by leaving his cum in Sofie's pussy for her cuck hubby to lick up when he gets home from work. Sofie Marie picked up Danny Mountain at a pub, and they head to go hook up! Danny noticed Sofie's wedding ring, but she dismissed it as she was separated. During their hot encounter, Sofie's phone location sound (Find my Phone) goes off. Sofie lies and she says its her girl friend. They continue to have hot sex, until the phone goes off again, and their is an angry knock at the door by Sofie's husband! He found her! Hot wife Sofie Marie needs some attention, so she calls a local escort service to find a professional sex worker to satisfy her needs. After a call to Quinton James she invites him over to sample his services. Sofie is smitten with Quinton's good looks, English accent, and charm, and she lets him use his skills on her body. Sofie is immersed in his sexual pleasures. Quinton uses his tongue and cock to make Sofie have multiple orgasms. Sofie sends her poor hubby video of her escapade including Quinton's cum dripping from her well fucked pussy.

Hot Wife Sofie Marie tells her hubby to sit in the corner of the room while she gets fucked by Spike's big cock! She is dressed to impress in leather and chains and high boots as she sucks, fucks, and gapes after a hard anal session. She happily does Ass to Mouth and then gets a big cum load deep in her butt while her hubby watches from the corner.

Cuckold By Phone Czech Escort
Sofie Marie , Tommy Wood
17 Photos, 32 min of video
Sofie Marie is stuck in her hotel room and stood up by her husband who is in a meeting. She is so mad she looks up escort services on her phone and orders up Tommy Wood for some fun. He arrives at her hotel room and gets right to servicing her neglected wet pussy. He licks her slit, and then she sucks his cock and licks his asshole until she begs for his cock! They fuck like lovers and Sofie occasionally takes cell phone video to send her husband to punish him for standing her up. Tommy finally blows his load deep in her pussy so Sofie's husband knows she has been a naughty hot wife!

SofieMarieXXX MS Hotwife Shorts

Seducing the Pool Boy
Rion King , Sofie Marie
185 Photos, 35 min of video
Sofie Marie is sunning by her pool, and her pool boy is really turning her on! They are checking each other out, and they make eye contact. Sofie really wants to show Rion what a mature woman can do to a young man, and Rion is game! Sofie drags him into the house for hot mature MILF sex!

Plush Halloween Party
Sofie Marie
25 Photos
SofieMarieXXX SM PS Plush Halloween 2015

Cuckold BBC Hubby Watch Me Get A Creampie
Jack Blaque , Sofie Marie
12 Photos, 40 min of video
Sofie just got caught fucking a big black cock in her marriage bed and she made her hubby watch her get a cream pie.  She then gave her hubby a blow job to make sure she could keep being a naughty hot wife!

Triathlete Tries Out Coach
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
26 min of video
Sofie Marie is contemplating leaving her her husband, and she has her triathlon coach in her sights for a rebound relationship. She lures him into her bedroom and puts the moves on him. She kisses him passionately, undresses him and then lets him take over and give her a sexy love-making session! She really has missed a great lover and she reacts with surprise and astonishment as he makes her cum and cum! Coach finally lets his load go in her pussy, and Sofie's sexuality is fully in bloom!

Honey I'm Home - MILF BJ
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
16 min of video
Sofie is tired after a long day at the office, so she recharges by sucking a big dick until she gets all the cum!

During a visit to LA, Keiran and I decided to hook up for some sexy fun. We met at his house, chatted for a bit, then got down to business. Good, hot old fashioned fucking while my hubby was at work! He is a great guy and I loved getting his load splattered all over my face.

Deep Penetration Medical Exam
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
22 min of video
SofieMarieXXX Deep Penetration Medical Exam

Yummy Hotwife Collection 3
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
106 min of video
Yummy Hotwife Collection 3

Yummy Hotwife Hall Pass feat Alan Conda

Hubby Watch Me Get An Anal Cream pie
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
1 Photos, 17 min of video
Sofie makes a video of her getting an anal cream pie to send to her hubby!

Soccer Moms Love Pink Post Workout Massage
Sofie Marie
11 Photos, 18 min of video
Kiki just finished a hot workout session with Will, her trainer, and she is a bit sore, so Sofie grabs her massager to help her out. Kiki tries to explain that the vibrator is not for aches and pains but is for lady parts! They get busy massaging each other to orgasm with the wand and their tongues!

Soccer Moms Love Pink Party Planners
Ryan Conner , Sofie Marie
7 Photos, 23 min of video
Hot Soccer MILFs Sofie and Ryan invite another woman's husband over to help them plan a party! They take turns sucking his cock, Sofie rims Spike when Ryan his riding him, They fuck and suck on his hard dick until he comes in Sofie's mouth, and she spits his cum in Ryan's mouth to share.

Soccer Moms Love Pink at Christmas
Ryan Conner , Sofie Marie
153 Photos, 15 min of video
Hottest MILF AVN nominees, Sofie Marie and Ryan Conner get together to play in their Christmas outfits. They lick and suck each others toes before they go down town give each other to wet hot lesbian orgasms! A true holiday classic!

Cuckolded By An Englishman
Quinton James , Sofie Marie
62 Photos, 40 min of video
Sofie hired an experienced escort to come fuck her while her hubby watches. She wanted to teach him some things and a lesson at the same time. Quinton gets Sofie off orally, with anal sex while they make Sofie's hubby watch them!

Soccer Moms Love Pink In Blue
Shelby Paris , Sofie Marie
306 Photos, 28 min of video
Soccer Moms, Shelby Paris and Sofie Marie love to share pleasure with each other. They touch, caress, kiss, and lick each other, then they use a double headed dildo to penetrate each other.

Playhouse LV Orgy
Alex Jett , Austin Lynn
108 Photos, 52 min of video
Eight Guys and three girls fuck and suck, in a hot sex party! Great interracial cast with Anal, DP, Airtight, Facials lots of hardcore sex action!

Playhouse LV The Girls
Austin Lynn , Kitty Jaguar
5 min of video
Sofie Marie, Austin Lynn, Kitty Jaguar are getting ready to take on 8 guys at an orgy at PlayhouseLV in Las Vegas! So they decide to get each other wet and get the guys hard!

Soccer Moms Love Pink Thanks Coach
Kali Ryder , Sofie Marie
1 Photos, 22 min of video
Soccer moms, Sofie Marie and Kali Ryder, talking about their son's soccer coach! They invite the coach over to find out. His is bigger and the moms fuck and suck the coach in a hot threesome. The coach cums on Sofie's pussy and Kali laps up the cum!

Danny Ocean Shoot
Sofie Marie
45 Photos
Solo Stills from Danny Ocean shoot

Soccer Moms Love Pink Rate the Coach
Kali Ryder , Sofie Marie
214 Photos, 17 min of video
Soccer moms, Sofie Marie and Kali Ryder, talking about their son's soccer coach! They get turned on and lick each others sweet pussies, then they wonder if the glass dildo they use on each other is the same size as the coach's cock.

POV Sex Show
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
14 min of video
Here is your chance to have Sofie Marie seduce you POV style . She sucks your cock, rides you and makes you blow a big load

Shopping for BBC
Sofie Marie
7 min of video
Join Sofie Marie in Las Vegas as she shops for a Big Black Dildo at a sex shop, then she takes it home and rides the massive toy! Does she take all 9

Soccer Moms Love Pink
Makayla Cox , Sofie Marie
209 Photos, 18 min of video
Makayla Cox and Sofie Marie are soccer moms who want to explore their sexual fantasy of being with another girl. Makalya tells Sofie to play with her clit piercing. These hot vixens dive right in, and bury their faces in the pink lingerie and the juicy girl parts hidden underneath! They take turns licking, fingering, 69, and scissoring each other

Studio Sexxx
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
39 min of video
Sofie strips and masturbates with a glass dildo in her pussy and butt, before Spike Irons drills her in the tasting room with the glass dildo in her sweet ass. (a scene from Sofie's Vineyard

Workout with Richelle
Richelle Ryan , Sofie Marie
52 Photos, 20 min of video
Sofie Marie and Richelle Ryan get hot and wet working out! They hurry back to Sofie's place for some hot tongue lashing and lesbian fun

Sofie Marie and Alan met at a swinger club, but Alan and his wife Cindy had to leave before Sofie got to finish blowing Alan's huge cock. So she stopped by Alan's house to finish the job. Alan's wife is not there at first, then she walks in and watches Sofie suck her husband's dick. Alan plasters Sofie's face with a big load of cum!

Yummy Hot Wife Asks for Forgiveness
Sofie Marie , Spike Irons
1 Photos, 24 min of video
Sofie Marie is a hot wife, but she was caught fucking her husband's best friend without permission. She is begging hubby for his forgiveness so she can still get all the cock she needs. Lets see how she apologizes. Would you forgive Sofie?

Yummy Hot Wife Collection 1
Frank , Jason Banger
197 min of video
Hot LA Guy Pick Up Hot wife, Sofie Marie found Frank in a Los Angeles hotel bar, and brought him to her room. They hurried upstairs, and they jumped right into bed for some very steamy stranger sex! Overbooked Hotwife Sofie Marie is in Las Vegas on a business trip, and she lines up all her favorite big cocks to come over to have sex in the same night but not at the same time. She is trying to fit them all in her schedule! Even the best plans get screwed up, but, Sofie makes the best of her tight pussy on a tight schedule! Jason Banger shows up late, so Spike Irons has hot and wet sloppy seconds. Fedora knocks on the door right after Spike cums, so he has Sofie freshly fucked twice over! Sofie has all the boys back to back to back! Sloppy seconds and thirds! I want to Fuck a Fireman Watch Sofie Marie fulfill her fantasy of sucking and fucking real-life fireman outside in an abandoned building, and he has a great big hose. Co-starring Jason Banger. Formal Dinner Party Masturbation Sexy Sofie Marie takes a much needed break from a cocktail party where she is receiving much attention for her sexy sheer long gown. All of the compliments are making her so horny, she sneaks off into the kitchen for a quiet moment. She uses her time and her vibe to masturbate and get naked! Sofie's super long legs look amazing as she spreads them and puts them up on the kitchen counter!

Yummy Hot Wife Collection 2
Brad Knight , Sofie Marie
142 min of video
How to Make A Salad Sofie is heading to the beach, but she needs to make sure she has the fixings for a salad for her working husband. She finds a cucumber and decides she needs to add some of her pussy juice on it for flavor! After she rides the big veggie, she heads to the beach in her sexy pink g string bikini. She meets a guy, drags him back to her place, and sucks and fucks him until he blows his big load in her pussy. She gets the cucumber again to add the final touches to her hubby's special salad dressing. Sin City Sins Sofie Marie is in Las Vegas with her girlfriends, for some naughty fun. We join Sofie all ready to go out in her hotel room, and her crew is running late. She talks to you as she undresses and masturbates with a glass plug. Then, we see her fuck a guy she picked up after her night out. Shot POV style, she sucks and rides the big dick until she cums, then she sucks him dry! Yummy Workout Stretch Me Sofie Marie is working out and sees Brad on the treadmill. She seductively stretches to try to get his attention. As Brad is leaving, she asks for help with her hamstrings! He helps her but his big dick hits her in the head. She pulls it out of his shorts and immediately drags him to her room. They get hot and sweaty in this sexy fuck fest! Yummy Workout Personal Trainer Sofie Marie hires a personal trainer to review her form and workout. She warms up on the elliptical, then she shows her form on the floor, and her flexibility of her long legs! Her trainer, Spike, asks to see her pectoral muscles and she lifts up her sports bra. Of course, the trainers love muscle gets stiff and Sofie sucks on his hard member. They fuck on the yoga ball and the mats until she is cream pied by Spike. Pearl Necklace Sofie Marie and Spike Irons getting busy! Sucking and fucking by two sexual athletes at its best. Pearl Necklace splatter of cum for Sofie for the finish! 18:40 runtime Pre Swinger Party Masturbation Sofie Marie is headed to a swinger party and is super excited about her potential hot sex with her new friends! She is all dressed up, but needs to make herself cum before she goes. Watch her get off with her silver vibe, in multiple positions!

Carmen And Sofie
Carmen Valentina , Sofie Marie
37 min of video
Carmen Valentina and Sofie Marie got to hang out in Las Vegas, and they had a candid conversation that is funny, sexy and enlightening! Then, they get busy licking each other to orgasm! Super Sexy Girl/Girl Fun!