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Welcome to my

Wicked Yummy pwannajoinmerivate site.  

My name is Sofie, and I am an Ironman triathlete,

10 time Marathoner, and a loving wife. 

I love being nude, wearing micro bikinis, and

sexy outfits for the camera!!  I am a contributor

to Wicked Weasel, Malibu Strings, Microminimus,

A-s-s,  Dubio, Wicked Temptations, and The-Bikini.  

Please join me on my journey

to explore my boundaries with my bikinis,

sexy outfits and my sexuality.



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  1. Love your sexy pics. Would like to become a member. Look forward to hearing from you

  2. fantastic Sophie
    you are a beautifful women ,the pics with Gigi Nicole are superb

  3. Does the private twitter account have all of the content as the member content?

  4. Do I need to download the snapcash app or can I use the standard snapchat app? I can’t wait to have some fun!

  5. Guau… te sigo en instagram, me pareces una mujer increíble… cada pose, cada mirada, cada sonrisa, increible, una mujer con todas las letras. besos desde argentina.

  6. Very beautiful lady!
    How often is your site updated?

  7. Good, I asume members can see some explicit sexual galleries as well. I’ll see how to get the membership then thanks for responding.

  8. So… Can we expect to see the “full dildo action” once we become members right?

    Plus, I am a guatemalan photographer, to be more speciffic erotic photographer and big fan of your shoots, so far it has been difficult for me to afford the membership due to the fact that I don’t use any credit card. Maybe one day I will be up for a chance to shoot some photos with you.


  9. Vraiment très jolie et sey…merci….

  10. Any content difference with Prem membership for $99
    Make sense ?

  11. I sent you an email about this site, just wondering when I can expect a reply?

  12. hi Sofie, wrote you an email “sofiem…..) sais: new email “wicked1…… but then the email can not be delived…..????? thomas

  13. Very cool site Sophie, you look like a fun tomboyish -cutesy -girlish type that enjoys fun,sports and competition as well as feeling free and uninhibited with your body! Keep on Rockin on..Wishing you the best!

  14. Very cool site Sophie, you look like a fun tomboyish -cutesy -girlish type …that enjoys fun,sports and competition …as well as feeling free and uninhibited with your body! A good combination. Keep on Rockin on..

    Wishing you all the best.

  15. Ich wanna fuck your puussy

  16. You are an absolute gorgeous and sexy lady

  17. God you have a sweet Ass! !

  18. I just wanna see ya pussy

  19. Sofie needs to show off her glorious pussy

  20. “absolutely amazing gallery Sofie 🙂
    Oh, this makes my mouth water. I wish I could drink your hot piss. Would love to see more like this.”

    Seriously? Didn’t know you did photos like that!

  21. you are very beautiful and sexy. i am thinking about subscribimg for sure. how old are you if you dont mind me asking?

  22. I am a member of microminimus ..
    i would like to know if the photos of your site are different from these .. and if you are more naked and hot

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